Pre-Storm Preparation

Home Plan



1.) Understand Insurance Coverage

(Determine are you in a flood zone)

2.) Walk property/ Make to-do list.

(Take plenty of Pictures!)

3.) Remove Loose Debris Throughout

(Properly Dispose of)

4.) Secure Outdoor Lawn Equipment

(Furniture, Plants, & potential projectiles)

5.) Secure ALL Windows and Doors

(Contractors CLICK HERE?)

6.) Assess Overall Roof Condition

(Contractors CLICK HERE?)

7.) Download our "2 Week Supply List

(If needed, Print out. This info is priceless)

8.) Sandbag ALL potential water entry points 



1.) Protect all items of importance

(Items should be kept in a dry place elevated) 

2.) Unplug all electronics

(Remove/ Lift any low laying cords)

3.) Keep ALL Window/ Doors Closed

(Engage locks as well. Avoids depressurization)

4.)  Generator Full, Tested, and Ready

(CLICK our "GENERATORS section for info)

5.) Plan “in home” evacuation route.

(Back up plan for last minute Crisis Situation)

6.) Pack a Portable Supply Kit

(As above, this is to be used in last minute Crisis)

7.) Ration all Food/ H2O/ Supplies

(You need a plan so that supplies last)

8.) Keep Yourself Entertained

(Time passes much faster when your mind is busy)


(Stand your ground laws, looting, vandelism, etc.)

10.) Locate Local Police/ Fire Dept/ Hospital

(Best to physically mark these Emergency Svcs on Map)

11.) Fire Extinguisher Readily Available

(Date should be accurate and Fully Charged)

12.) Turn OFF main breaker in fuse panel

(This can be done right BEFORE the storm arrives)

13.) Turn OFF Natural Gas Valves

(This should be done AT the source/ Main Valve)

14.) 2 Way communicators

(Even A Phone APP is helpful when communications are down)