Pre-Storm Preparation


Decide if you are STAYING or LEAVING!


Water and Gasoline/Fuel Are The FIRST Commodities To Be Depleted During The Threat Of A Tropical Weather Event.  Please Plan NOW!

If You Are Staying Home


If You Are Leaving Your Home

  • Set evacuation route to destination.
  • Contact family; tell them your plan!
  • Set up shelter/lodging for pets now!  Availability is limited!
  • Check and pack all medical prescriptions based on anticipated length of time you will be away from home and accessibility to needed refills.
  • See our "Vehicle Plan" for complete vehicle check list.
  • Map Fuel stations along your route. This is valuable when gas shortages happen.
  • Book Hotel accomodations now.
  • Have I.D. with proof of address, and other documentation handy.
  • Have CASH on your person or readily available to you.
  • Check security of your home!
    • Door & window locks need be all inspected.
    • See that cameras & alarm systems are properly utilized and working.
  • Consider storage facilities for any/ all items too important to leave behind.