By Understanding Each of the Following Elements Individually, a Plan can be Formulated to Best Fit Your Situation:

1.) Check for potential hazards such as downed power lines or flooding. Use outlets such as social media, our storm tracker on home page, or local news stations.

2.) Inspect & Map Route. Be sure to book all hotel accomodations ahead of time if stop(s) are imminent during travel time.

3.) Check for Power Outages. Again utilize local news stations, your power company info line, or check our "helpful sites" section.

4.) Double check that all important documents are readily available and stored in a dry area.

5.) Contact Insurance Company. You will want to do this for Home, Vehicle, and any other entity (such as a boat).

6.) Keep a positive mental attitude. This will keep morale level high and critical thinking on point. It helps to follow a "game-plan" and set goals!