1.) Check Storm location, path, and surge BEFORE proceeding outdoors.

2.) Contact family and friends. Let them know you’re ok.

3.) Proceed with caution. Watch for any pests/ animals that may have found dry refuge near your living area.

4.) Walk your property. Assess any damage resulting from elements.

5.) Report major hazards to authorities (ex. downed power line) immediately.

6.) Take pictures off all damages for insurance purposes

7.) See our "BUSINESS DIRECTORY" for list of qualified contractors to help!

Clean Up (Exterior):

1.) Be sure to wear proper attire/ safety equipment. 

2.) Rectify immediate hazards. Cut/ pull down any loose tree limbs or high hanging debris.

3.) Start trash pile for large items. Designate specific area for easy sorting.

4.) Designate specific task(s) for each individual. This boosts productivity and lessens confusion.

5.) Remove all sand bags and pile up for disposal.

6.) Remove plywood from windows and doors.

Clean Up (Interior):

1.) In power outage situations, ventilate house by opening a couple of windows or doors. 

2.) Check refrigerator/ Freezer for any food spoilage. 

3.) Assess all electrical components BEFORE turning back on main breaker. If anything is wet or damaged leave power OFF

4.) The same rules apply for gas supply. Check equipment for damage or leaks beforehand.

5.) It is best to avoid drinking, bathing, or cleaning with home water sources (sink, spigot, etc) as there is a chance of contamination. 

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