"What is a generator?" 

When referring to generation of electricity, a generator is a machine which converts motive power (moving mechanical energy) into usable electric power through a circuit.Some mechanical energy sources include Turbines (steam/ water/gas) and internal combustion engines. 

"How can a generator benefit me?"

There are many positives that come along with owning a generator. The piece of mind knowing that you have a backup plan for your family's needs is priceless in itself to many homeowners. Electrical componenets such as air conditioning, refridgeration, fans, radios, space heaters, toaster oven, phone chargers, and microwaves can all be run off a generator as well!

"How much does one cost?"

The price of a generator can range depending on the brand, size, and type. A "standby" generator (typically smaller and mobile) can range anywhere from $50 up to $800. Generators that are mid-sized can usually be installed for between $1000-$1800. Larger scale full home generators can start around the $1500 mark and go up depending on overall complexity of your particular project!

"What are some safe practices to exercise when using?"

A generator should always be stored in a dry/ cool space when not in use. Once the time comes to fire it up, the first thing to consider is placement of machine. They are often noisy and put off exhaust in the form of Carbon Monoxide which is Deadly. Generators should be kept FAR AWAY from occupied dwellings and in an open well-ventilated area when running. Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer that travels so wind speed and direction need to be accounted for as well. Depending on the ground surface machine sits on, mounting brackets may be necessary to avoid shifting/ rattling about.

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