During the Storm

  • Be aware of all incoming reports

        Never lose contact with GMHH!

  • Tell someone your plan 

        Friends, Family, a Neighbor...Anyone!

  • Stay Indoors. Do NOT go outside

        This means for ANY reason

  • Designate a “Safe Room”

        Room furthest from windows & doors.

  • Secure Pets in a safe location 

        A Local Shelter or Your Safe Room

  • Complete all pre storm prep 

        Visit our pre-storm checklist page

  • All combustibles full and stored

        cool well-ventilated area

  • Vehicle (s) full, tested, and ready

        Visit our "Vehicle Checklist"

  • Generator full, tested, and ready

        Visit our "Generator" section

  • Portable A/C tested & ready

        See "Business Directory"

  • Responsible Candle Usage

        Well-Ventilated & Away From Fire Hazards

  • Conserve / Make a Meal Plan

        See "Rationing" in our "2 Week Plan"

  • Keep yourself entertained. 

        Check "Pre-Storm" for some ideas


  • Park Vehicle in Safe location

        Away from hazards such as trees that can fall/ block

  • Store important items in safe spot

        preferably location is dry and elevated from floor

  • Heed incoming evacuation orders

        Stay In-The-Know with GMHH

  • Set up secondary Home Evacuation Plan 

       Protect life above all priorities!

Possessions Can Be Replaced, But Lives Cannot!

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